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What are PACE (C-PACE) eligible improvements?

Here is CleanFund's FAQ answering all your questions on CPACE.

C-PACE eligible improvements.

Typically, all costs associated with the installation of new components that improve energy and water efficiency of a building. This applies to retrofits, routine upgrades, and, in some jurisdictions like California, new construction. Also, the costs associated with seismic strengthening (in California and Oregon) and storm proofing (in Florida) are eligible. 

The list on this page is intended as a reference tool only, as eligibility requirements may vary according to PACE Program jurisdiction.

Air Sealing and Ventilation: Air Filtration, Air Sealing, Air Barriers, Bathroom Fan, Ceiling Fan, Duct Sealing.

Insulation: Roof, Duct Sealing, Floor, Hot Water System, Wall Insulation.

HVAC: Cogen Furnace, Demand Recirculation Pump, Duct Replacement, Ducted Heat Pump, Evaporative Coolers, Exhaust Fan, Geothermal Heat Pump, Heat Recover Ventilation System, Boilers / Chillers Insulation, Waste Heat Recovery (WHR), High Efficiency A/C, High Efficiency Furnace, Radiant Barrier Installation, Solar Space Heating, Thermostat Installation, Weatherization, Garage CO Controls (Ventilation).

Lighting: High-Efficiency Lighting, Fluorescent Lighting, Compact Fluorescent Lighting, Street Lighting, Exterior Lighting, Induction Lighting, Cold Cathode Lamps, Lighting Controls, Occupancy Sensors, Demand Response Controls.

Building Envelope: Skylight, Window Replacement, Window Film, Dynamic Window Systems, Doors, Walls.

Roofing: Green Roof, Cool Roof, Reflective Roof, White Roof.

Water Heating: High Efficiency Hot Water Boiler, High Efficiency Water Heater, Tankless Water Heater, On Demand Recirculation Pump, Domestic Hot Water Pipe Insulation.

Refrigeration: Insulation, Defrost Controls, Evaporator Fan Controls, Compressors / Condensors.

Compressed Air: Air Compressors, Compressed Air Storage, Compressor Controls.

Charging Stations: Electric Vehicle Plug-In Station.

Elevator Modernization: Insulation, Elevator.

Solar: Solar Thermal, Ground-Mount Solar PV, Roof-Mount Solar PV, Solar Carport, Storage.

Wind: Wind Turbine Power System.

Fuel Cell: Fuel Cell Power System.

Cogeneration: Microturbine (non-renewable), Internal Combustion Engine (non-renewable), Fuel Cell (non-renewable).

Geothermal Heat Pumps (GHPs).

Other: Microturbine (renewable fuel), Internal Combustion Engine (renewable fuel).

Fixtures: Low-Flow Showers, Low-Flow Toilets, Shower-heads, Waterless urinals, Aerators, Dishwashers, Commercial Washer / Dryer.

Irrigation: Irrigation System, Irrigation Controls, Soil Moisture Sensors.

Landscaping and Reuse: Greywater Systems, Blackwater Treatment System, Rainwater Harvesting System.

Seismic (California & Oregon):

Structural Retrofits (Superstructure Strengthening): Foundations & Soil Treatment, Lateral Support Systems, Shear Walls, Moment & Brace Frames, Diaphragm Strengthening, Foundation Connection System, Structural Connection System, Masonry Reinforcement.

Non-Structural Retrofits (Supplemental Bracings and Supports): Lighting, Ceilings, Equipment, Fire Sprinklers, Ductwork, Emergency Shut-off System, Standby Generator.

Indirect & Soft Costs Architecture & Engineering Fees: Surveys & Permitting, Contractor General Conditions & Fees, Financing, legal & other fees.

Weather Resilience (Florida):

Building Hardening and Storm-Resistant Building Materials (Florida only): Foundation Strengthening, High-impact Doors and Windows, Roof-to-wall Reinforcement, Sea Walls, Secondary Water Barrier, Storm Shutters, Waterproofing - Basement Membrane,
Wind Resistant Roofing.

Fire Resilience (California): 

Building Hardening and Fire-Resistant Building Materials (California Only): Fire Resistant Roofing, Vents, Dual-paned Tempered Glass Windows, Ignition Resistant Walls, Irrigation.

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