About CleanFund

We are committed to providing easy capital for improvements that make buildings more efficient, safer, and healthier. 

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, CleanFund is the leading provider of long-term financing for energy efficiency, water conservation, renewable energy and seismic improvements for commercial, multifamily and other nonresidential properties in the U.S. 

We are just starting

Proof of Concept

After starting in 2009, the first privately funded PACE transaction was a $1.6 million bond to finance a 1 megawatt solar system through the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program.


Transactions and Legislation

National Enabling Legislation

First transaction with Prologis for retrofit and solar on their Headquarters at Pier 1 with Wells Fargo as the lender. We are passing PACE laws in multiple states to expand beyond CA.


Complex transaction

National Deal Expansion

First private securitizations of PACE assets involving the issuance of three bonds, with CleanFund structuring the transaction and acquiring the senior bonds backed by multiple assessments placed by the Connecticut Green Bank. Prudential's ESG group was capital provider.


First institutional financing of $60MM

Professional Investors and Staff

CleanFund closes first institutional financing of $60MM from venture capital and asset management firm for equity growth capital and warehouse financing


Largest ever solar PACE financing

Lots of Firsts and Learning

CleanFund provides largest ever solar PACE financing to Pacific Ethanol for 5 megawatt solar energy system


Largest PACE financing of $40MM

Biggest and Best Record Deals

CleanFund breaks its own record for largest PACE financing by securing $40 Million for nearly bankrupt Seton Medical Center, enabling critical seismic improvements for the hospital.


Closing on Series B

Institutional Financing

CleanFund closes follow-on Series B investment from Vulcan and Starwood.


First 144A Securization

Securitization Profits

First Ever 144A Securitization of commercial PACE Assets. CleanFund is first to enter the 144A Securitization Market by issuing AAA-rated notes backed exclusively by PACE


Office Moves to New York

Lender Consent Friction

Lender consent creates friction in transactions and capital providers look for better returns. Kinney leaves to start C-Change and the team spreads out to help Ygrene, Petros, and others.


Difficult Covid Years

Shift to White Label PACE

CleanFund 2.0

John Kinney returns to refocus CleanFund on developing and managing PACE programs for mortgage holders. First PACE bond issued in partnership with the lender.


Lender PACE