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Improve Senior Lender Profit with CleanFund

Add PACE to your mortgage lending program,

PACE + mortgage = better capital.

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Call protection is improved. PACE runs with the land, not the borrower, and is automatically transferred upon a sale. This allows for 30-year terms with prepayment penalties, so it will have a longer average duration than a mortgage.

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The risk on PACE is lower than a ground lease or the “A” portion of an A-B note. It is protected from bankruptcy since it survives any foreclosure.

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Lenders can dictate higher interest rates on PACE than a mortgage because of duration and comparative market pricing from direct PACE lenders.

Increased origination volume with PACE

Lender PACE combined with a conservative mortgage LTV results in a higher advance rate -- making your offer more attractive.


Lender PACE can be added to an existing mortgage without refinancing the first mortgage since it is repaid as a tax instead of as an increase in debt.  Maintain account control while increasing profits.


Lender PACE allows a portion of your offer to be non-recourse and to be automagically transferred to a new owner upon a sale.

Reach your ESG target faster

The Environmental impact from PACE is self-evident so various rating agencies have made it easy for PACE improvements to officially qualify as a “green bond”.


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Improved Collateral Value makes a safer mortgage

PACE allows property owners to improve positive cash flow and therefore increase their property value. This program is available for most long-term energy efficiency and renewable projects.

  • Borrower NOI Improves with lower utilities
  • Reduced risk and expense from older systems
  • Increased comfort and productivity improves value

How Should the Senior Lenders use PACE?

Pace is utilized in three different situations:

  • As the Existing Portfolio of Loans matures
  • As Loans are Originated, and
  • As Partial Refinancing

Lenders who have approved PACE

The alternative to your own PACE program is to simply consent to another direct PACE lender.  C-Change can help here to help you size the PACE, influence the terms, evaluate the prepayment restrictions, and minimize the risk from PACE.  Consenting to PACE is good for your Borrower.  Call us if you want to consider an alternative.  The following lenders have consented to PACE:

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