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CleanFund provides $36 Million of C-PACE financing to Chinese Hospital for seismic and other improvements.


Case Study – CLEANFUND

CleanFund provides $36 Million to Chinese Hospital for seismic and other improvements.

Chinese Hospital is a 148,000 SF, 88-bed hospital with a large footprint on Jackson Street. As a community-owned, not-for-profit healthcare organization, existing to provide affordable quality care to the low-income immigrants and seniors in the community, for 120 years.

The Challenge
With limited access to capital, certain capital needs often don’t take precedence over clinical needs, so when the elevator bank continues to get older, the HVAC needs replacing, or seismic upgrades need to be made, many hospitals without ready access to capital are forced to defer maintenance and building improvement projects.

The Solution
With more awareness on the flexibility and availability of C-PACE financing, more hospitals, and health-care facilities are looking to CleanFund when it comes time to execute larger renovation and new construction projects.

The Result
CleanFund provided $36 million in C-PACE, which was critical financing required to help Chinese Hospital meet its strategic initiatives.

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